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About Invisalign Clear Braces

When you opt for Invisalign Clear Braces, you’re actually opting for an attractive and aesthetic alternative to ugly regular dental braces. Invisalign Clear Braces are not just pleasing to look at, but they’re also very effective and easy to use.

Each clear tooth aligner is perfectly custom-made to fit individual teeth. This ensures that your teeth gradually shift into place, without the pain and hassle of regular dental braces. The best part is that you and your dentist will be able to decide how the braces should fit, how the dental program should progress and how your final smile should look. You’re in complete control of your final output.

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All About How Invisalign Works

We study your alignment requirements and use our Invisalign 3-D computer imaging system to create a custom treatment plan. We generate details of placement of braces on each tooth and an image of what your final smile should look like.

With this data, our lab gets set to manufacture a series of custom aligners for your teeth. Once we hand over the aligners to you, you’ll just change them over every two weeks or so, till your smile is straight and beautiful.

Our removable and transparent braces provide a no-hassle experience to our customers. We at Masri Orthodontics have been creating perfect smiles for over 26 years now. To know more, fill out your form or call us at 734-261-8860.

About Invisalign Clear Braces Treatment Costs

Your costs will work out $2,900 to $5,500, which is how much you’d be spending on traditional braces. However, our prices will vary based on the extent of the customization that’s needed in your case, along with treatment duration and desired outcome. Your existing dental insurance will likely cover Invisalign Clear Braces treatment as well. Else, please check with us for alternative financing assistance and flexible payment options.

Why You Should Choose Masri Orthodontics?

Masri Orthodontics is the leading provider of Invisalign treatments in Michigan. We have earned our patients’ trust over the years, owing to the fact that we offer the most progressive and caring treatment. Apart from Invisalign, we offer clear ceramic braces, hidden braces and so on.

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