Want a great, brand-new straight smile? Get the Invisalign Clear Braces advantage from Masri Orthodontics today!

Your First Question – Why Invisalign?

Why bother with gaudy, unattractive regular braces when you can wear customized, easy-to-switch-out Invisalign Clear Braces? We manufacture every aligner exactly so that each progressive aligner gradually adjusts your teeth to their ideal position. What’s more, your Invisalign system is custom-made only for your teeth, which is why they work so well. Throughout your treatment, only you and your orthodontist are in control of your treatment plan, which ensures the best results and the best smile money can buy.

Of course, there are many choices of dental braces in the market, but there’s none as effortless as the Invisalign system. Invisalign gives you your very best chance of transforming your present crooked smile into a straight, dazzling new smile.

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Your Second Question – Why Only Masri Orthodontics?

Masri Orthodontics has been recognized by the developers of Invisalign as a “Preferred Premier Provider”, based on their exceptional case experience with Invisalign. What you get when you partner with Masri Orthodontics is the combination of their experience, unparalleled credentials, and their dedication to the highest standards in artistic perfection. What’s more, Dr. Masri has a wonderful track record with Invisalign, having put beautiful smiles on thousands of faces, which is very reassuring for patients.

In the last 26 years, so many thousands of satisfied patients have walked out from Masri Orthodontic with brand new smiles. Join them with your own!


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Your Third Question – How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

If you’ve ever undergone traditional brace treatment, you’ll know how much it costs. Not more than $2,900 to $5,500, which will be the case for your Invisalign treatment as well. However the actual cost depends on your desired outcome, the extent of work your particular case needs and the treatment duration.

We can assist you with flexible payment options or financing if you need it. You can also check if your existing dental insurance plan provides orthodontic coverage, in which case it might cover your Invisalign treatment as well.

Consider Masri Orthodontics For Your Invisalign Treatment

Masri Orthodontics is the leading provider of Michigan Invisalign and Incognito. We have an established presence of more than 20 years in Michigan, servicing Southeast Michigan with our state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments.

Contact our dental office today to schedule your Invisalign consultation with Dr.Masri. We give residents of Livonia, Farmington, and Farmington Hills,Westland,Garden city, Novi, Northville, MI personalized service and patient-focused care for smiles that last. Masri Orthodontics the leading provider for clear braces, invisible braces, invisalign, Incognito no braces options in michigan.